Write access to SVN?

I was wondering how I might gain write access to the SVN for asterisk (a branch maybe?). I’ve been developing a set of AEL macros that cover tasks that I’ve needed constantly and that I think other AEL developers would find extremely useful as well. Basically these are just handy functions written in AEL2, meant to reduce typing since I develop a LOT of dialplan solutions for a large number of clients.

Here’s some examples of what I’ve got already.

[ul]Macros for quick output of debugging information to CLI and/or /var/log/asterisk/devlog, each controlled by their own global variable settings. One for general debugging, one for debugging execution location (structure), and one for debugging database commands.

Macros for MySQL database interaction. One for connections and one for all types of queries (including retrieving multiple rows). It’s set up to maintain a persistent connection to one or more databases as needed, using global variables to define database hosts, names, passwords, and users.

Macro for stripping all non digit characters from the CallerID number using the Asterisk function FILTER().[/ul]

and more…

Sound interesting enough to allow write access to contrib?

If nothing else, if murf’s on the forum maybe he’ll find it interesting :smiley: