Working with RTMP support

I’m trying the RTMP feature in this branch but I’m having a little trouble figuring out how it works.
0015484: [branch] RTMP support in Asterisk -

I have it installed and there does not seem to be any error but I’m not that familiar with Red5. This is the main information in my setup.

rtmp.conf in asterisk:

extensions.conf file:

[rtmp] exten => 500,1,Answer() exten => 500,2,Dial(RTMP/outstream/instream) exten => 500,3,Hangup()

Watching asterisk looks fine and do not see any errors when its running but how to I access that stream in red5? I have one of the demo apps running “publisher”. The server location is “rtmp://localhost/oflaDemo”. I tested it with “avatar.flv” and that plays fine but if I try “outstream” it doesn’t work but I’m not sure if thats how you access the stream from asterisk or not.