Working out the issues before I build it

Hi Major Newbie here,
We are looking to replace our 60 phone NEC system with an Asterisk install. We will have 40 Sip desk phones and up to 24 Roaming WiFi cordless phones (Utstar F1000G).
I am new to Linux as well as Asterisk. All of our current servers are MS advance server.

  1. Is Ubuntu 6.06 an acceptable version of Linux, or do I need to do the Fedora Core 5 / 6 version?

  2. Is the Linux desktop version OK, or do I need to install the server version?

  3. Any thought on the size of the server? CPU, Memory, HD size? We will not be doing much Voice Mail, only about 10 mailboxes.

I have some concerns about controlling the display and Line appearance keys on the desk phones. (Aastra 9133i) so that all 8 line will display status correctly. I was told that earlier versions of Asterisk did not handle this well.

Your input is welcomed

Have a loook at

Asterisk + Linux & with a web gui.