Working off site

using AAH what is the best way to allow someone to work remotely.

if they are 3 days in office and 2 out, the 2 days out would you redirect their desk phone or give them another number.

If the days in and out are the same evey week I think I would redirect by what day of the week it was

Maybe something like this … FFICE+line

if you are using aah, there is a mode that separates user from device, here is a short description: … &Itemid=26

I haven’t used that mode at this time so I can’t comment on details, but it would allow the user to ‘login’ at what ever location they are currently at and receive calls there. Seems to fit well with what you are trying to do. (It may even allow to have multiple devices logged in as the same user and ring both locations - try it and report back, it would be interesting to know).