Witch package for OpenDirectory integration?


I’ts my first post here, so let me introduce me. I’m a french system administrator specialized in Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server. One of my customer have request me to deploy a custom IPBX to avoid dependance to external service provider.

In fact I’ve already play with TrixBox, a easy to deploy Asterisk version. And for the moment it’s what we have plane to deploy.

Aside I’m wondering how I can integrate Asterisk (don’t care about witch packaged version) to the Mac OS X network.

Mac OS X Server and OpenDirectory Service are based on OpenLDAP, so all my identities are already provisioned inside, with contact info filled up for company directory.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to bind Asterisk to my LDAP for an automatic provisioning. the best workflow should be something like that :

  • User go to the IPBX web page and login with username and password provide on LDAP
  • IPBX authenticate user with LDAP binding
  • When the user is authenticated, the user go to his personal page
  • On the personal page, user can find all information for SIP and IPPhone like extension number and PIN generated on the first authentication (maybe the PIN can be send by e-mail)

That what can be really cool for me and my customer a IPBX fully integrated to the company directory. Now I asking you to tell me what is possible to do today and with witch solution ?

For me the configuration of IPBX is not a big problem, it’s just a lot of documentation to read. My principal problem is to find the good set of plugin to integrate, and for that I need your experience.

Best regards,
Yoann Gini