Wireless VOIP

I’m a novice, just getting started with VOIP. Can the Hitachi-Cable Wireless IP-5000 WiFi IP Phone - IP5000E-A connect to any broadband wireless internet port, or does it require that I use a Cable Internet provider? Can I use the Hitachi-Cable Wireless IP-5000 wirelsss phone with any VOIP service provider? Lastly, do I need to use a computer with this phone, or is a wireless access point sufficient

The Hitachi IP phone can be used with any wireless router and any VoIP provider. Sometimes providers lock down devices but there is usually a way to “unlock” these lock devices.

Thanks for the reply. Can the Hitachi-Cable Wireless IP-5000 WiFi IP Phone be used from any wireless internet access point with no special arrangment on the user end – for example Starbucks? Also, do you know what “Cable” means in the name? Thank you.

A lot of places that offer free wifi require you to go to a web site and agree to some TOS before using the internet which a lot of phones can’t do (not sure if this one can or not). Another issue is the NAT settings on a lot of the routers out there. In general if you have the proper nat settings on your asterisk server you should not have a problem. I was recently in an Airport in Turkey. I turned on my Wifi phone and it worked like a charm.