Wireless VOIP using Asterisk

I’m doing some work with a non-profit that’s looking to do a wireless VOIP setup at their location (their own local phone system, not connected to the outside phones right now)

It’s mostly outdoors, so a wireless signal shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

I’m obviously new to this, but someone recommended using Asterisk, so I’m here. I’m kinda curious though as to what basic system architecture I’m looking at. Basically, what equipment/software would I need to run our own wireless phone system using VOIP?

Not sure about the computer requirements but, as for wireless i am running about 8 users spread about 3 miles apart from an Access point.
The access point is hooked to a wireless bridge which beams the signal 8 miles to the Asterisk server/router/Internet connection.

The Access point is a Smartbridges AirPointPro Outdoor with a 9 DBI omnial direction antenna. The bridges are Zcomax XI-1500HP using 25DBI grid antennas.

Each user has a AllInOne Patch antenna/Station adapter.

This system works well
A good source of information is ecommwireless.com/index.htm
And marlon Schafer at odessaoffice.com/wireless/ helped me set it up.

There is some nice info here: (Deploying voice over wi-fi)

thanks, I’m checking them out now