Wireless iax2/SIP phone

Why has a compnay not come along to devolp a decent quality VoIP IAX2/SIP Wireless phone. I belive that the first comany to good quality wireless phone that IAX2/SIP would literily sell like hot cakes.

This phone should be able to support all of the features that asterisk supports. They are just too many to list here.

This phone should be able to have a decent battery life, which I am willing to compensate weight for talk/standby time.

This phone should be made of quality materials. Yes this is yet another feature which I am willing to pay extra for. So metal casing with soft rubber outside, and should be one peice, not a flip. As much as I love my flip cell phone, it is not a design that is really made for durability.

Since I would use this mainly around the house but would ofthen want to take it around the city, so it would need security. All I ask is that two of the most secure/popular security standards are used. The two open source standards that should be implementd are IPsec using ipsec-tools and ssl using openvpn. It would be great if there where possibly two models sold, There should be two models sold, one that has a ssl/ipsec encription aceleration chip on bord so that the cpu is not overloaded and saves power which would = longer life, and the other one would not include this chip.

The whole phone and all it’s connectors should be standards compliant.

The phone should be upgradeable and hackable by the community. The company should be prompt at fixing any and all security holes. I figure that you should make it possible to upgrade through tftp. Yes I know it is not the easies to set up. But once it is set up it is very easy to keep upgrading and easy to upgrade a bunch of phones. Plus the fact that is is a standard that everyone can use no matter what OS you are using.

Feel free to leave your opinions.

I need a Wireless IAX2 phone becuase it is really quite inconvient to be punching holes in all of my firiends firewalls every time I go to vusit them.