Wireless Headset for a Grandstream GXP2000

Hi All

I’ve a few Grandstream GXP2000 users who are asking for wireless headsets.

This phone has a 2.5mm headset jack which I believe is pretty old for most the current wireless headsets.

Please does anyone use a wireless headset on this phone and if so then which one and do you recommend it?

Thanks in advance

Richard E

Not sure about the 2.5mm connector as this is pretty non-standard. However many (most I think) wireless headsets can handle a handset pass through feature so you simply disconnect the handset from the base unit of the GXP2000 and plug it into the headset base unit connection a short patch cable between the base unit and the phone base. Have a look at the Doro range as they have some decent DECT headsets at reasonable prices.