Winpipe does't work! pllz help the new guy

hey guys i’m trying to configer the usbfxo u100 in asterisknow but the problem is he can’t recognize the file wanpipe.ko
the error is:-
FATAL: Error insering wanpipe (/lib/modules/2.6.32-431.e16.i686/kernel/drivers/new/wan/wanpipe.ko):
no such device

and it’s already exist so what can i do and i really thankful to you guys :slight_smile:

wanpipe is a third party piece of software provided by a competitor to Digium, Sangoma. It is not supported here…

The general device here is, when dealing with hardware, consult the vendors after sales support team. That includes even Digium hardware, although your hardware isn’t from Digium.

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