Will the following setup work

So i have the following setup and for some reason it worked till today and now i dont know why its not working

i have a dell r200blade with 2 NIC one going to another sip server using sip on a dedicated connection and one going to the fortigate firewall.
the NIC that is going to the fortigate firewall has 2 virtual IP’s with a gateway of and subnet
and another virtual ip with an external IP

i have users with ip’s and with legal IP addresses
the users with the legal IP Address all register without a problem and now the local users dont work!
up until today they were both working i didnt change anything and boom it stopped working
my sip.conf has in it
externip= 212.119.XXX.XXX

what could be wrong ???
so far i have been working on this over 14 hours! i need help!!!
i am still working on it and i will write an update if i have one!