Will multipe providers free up the dialin trunk?

I have been doing some reading and am a bit confused about one thing.

Can I purchase several VoIP accounts and build up my outgoing extensions this way? but still have my main dial in number free to use? even if that provider I use for dial ins only gives me 2 simultaneous connections? Can the call get passed off to another trunk/extension thus freeing up that original dialin trunk that the person used to access the system?

An explanation would be great, but really just looking to be pointed in the right direction to read more on this.

Thank you

The only thing that limits your incoming/outgoing calls with a VOIP provider is your bandwidth, or in some cases artificial limits imposed by the provider. You should probably look into a different VOIP provider if you need more than 2 incoming calls on the same DID.

could you elaborate ? Isn’t it the limitation of the PSTN side that if you get one DID number(instead of trunk), you can only have one active channel going on ? And I thought this is even true for outgoing line as well, at least in the old PSTN world, but not sure how it works in VOIP case as outgoing is usually really only some artificial limits set by the provider, if there is any.