Will Asterisk support SDP mirroring


I have a query as to will Asterix support SDP mirroring . The usecase is as follows:
I work for IMS core.
So here User A and UserC are IMS users where as userB is a IPPBX user. This IPPBX is a B2BUA user and is behind NAT.
So when User A call UserB the PBX forwards the call to UserC.So now the PBX should do SDP mirroring so that speech path is established between UserA and UserC.

So i would like to know if Asterix supports SDP mirroring so that i can use it for the same Usecase.


I am not familiar with the term “SDP mirroring”. Asterisk is a back to back user agent, and, by default, will set up RTP paths to both parties that lead to itself. If suitably configure, and the circumstances permit, it can also set up direct RTP paths.