Will Asterisk do this


I have been reading the documentation and forums for a while and I am just not sure what I want can be done.

I have a small office with about 10 phones. This is all connected to a main corporate system. We have used Spectralink wireless phones for a while now and they are starting to all go bad. We are therefore looking for an alternative for our office. My phone is actually an outside line and the others are just extension numbers. Since mine is the only one that comes in from outside, I play operator all day and transfer calls to the different extensions. Currently all I have to do is hit the flash button and dial the four digit extension number and hang my phone up and it transfers to the correct person. Is it possible to use Asterisk with the auto attendant function to do this automatically? If so, what hardware do I need to use?

Additionally, if we can get this setup and working, is it possible to transfer the call and broadcast it over wifi using a router to some type of iphone app without actually dialing our cell phone number so we can use those in place of our spectralink phones and not use up a bunch of cell minutes? Or is there an wifi phone that can be used in the same manner?

Basically I want this:

Outside caller -> Asterisk Auto Attendant -> press 2 for John Smith -> flash-> dial 7554 also broadcast over wifi to iphone or wifi phone -> John Smith picks up one phone or the other.

Thanks for the help.

All things that you need are possible to do with Asterisk and are already desribed 1000 times on this forum and web.

Thanks for the info. As long as it will do what I want, I will keep reading and figure it out.