Wildcard (TDM2400XP) modprobing at startup - how to kill?

Hi all,

I’m in the process of migrating our wildcard to a different box - currently, the wctdm24xxp module is loading automatically at startup. I do not have any directives in any of MY startup scripts, and the only reference to that card I can find is in /etc/modprobe.conf (we’re running FC4)

As none of the other cards we have seems to do this (we have to modprobe them manually via rc.local) I’m curious as to why this happens, and how I can disable the autoloading. Is it as simple as removing the entry from modprobe.conf?

Sorry for the linux-newb question, but this was kinda urgent and the searching I have done thus far hasn’t really gotten me anywhere.



it’s not part of your zaptel init script is it ? /etc/init.d/zaptel

nope, don’t even have a zaptel file in init.d

everything is working - i actually didn’t change anything, just moved the card to the new system.

i’m assuming it’s something where the system is actually recognizing the card for what it is and loading the module automatically.

hmph…well, it’s working, so that’s all i really care about. it would be interesting to know why that card loaded automatically while the rest didn’t…oh well.

THe problem is that the TDM2400 seem not to be completly integrated in the built in startup script.

So to manually unload it just use : modprobe -r wctdm24xxp.

Make sure no other modules are using the tdm2400 by using : lsmod.