Wifi Zones and handsets


Not sure if this is the right area on the forum…

Does anybody know how wireless handsets work when moving into a new wifi zone?

Lets say there are two access points setup the same, but a different channel on each. There will be a point when the signal from the other AP will become stronger… will the phone switch to this without loss of connection?

We have some spare AP’s luckily, so im thinking (if the project goes ahead) of just putting them up in various locations to create one big wifi zone.

Otherwise the rule would have to be “if you phone rings… try not to move!” :laughing:


If properly configured one AP should pass you off to the next as you move around. Not sure if that happens with the cheap soho based units but it certainly works with the more commercial units (Cisco, Xirrus etc)

I think that will be hard as our wifi network has grown over the years and consists of some more capable products and some more “home” based… teklogix, cisco, netgear…

Thanks for the info! :smile: