Why the "bonus line" in CDR?


I’ve searched, googled, yahooed - and tried to debug to the best of my ability (which is probably where the real limit is!).

I don’t understand why I always get a second line in the CDR when a call is answered:

[code]"",“1900”,“001555555”,“COM”,""“PeterPan”" <1900>",“SIP/1900-b665e7b8”,“SIP/ab_01200-082794a8”,“Dial”,“SIP/ab_01200/001555555|30|r”,“2009-06-01 23:25:41”,“2009-06-01 23:26:01”,“2009-06-01 23:26:07”,26,6,“ANSWERED”,“DOCUMENTATION”,“1243898741.116”,""

“”,“1900”,“0015615065397”,“COM”,""“PeterPan”" <1900>",“SIP/1900-b665e7b8”,“SIP/ab_01200-082794a8”,“Dial”,“SIP/ab_01200/001555555|30|r”,“2009-06-01 23:26:07”,“2009-06-01 23:26:10”,3,0,“NO ANSWER”,“DOCUMENTATION”,“1243898741.116”,""[/code]

The second NO ANSWER call always starts at the same second the ANSWERED call ends. The ‘duration’ is always 2 or 3 seconds.
Edit_01: It is not only for ANSWERED calls. Actually the extra line comes after any call, also if it is a NO ANSWER (except in the case where the dst was invalid).

Another tech clamis it comes from a ResetCDR, but that seems a bit strange to me.

Anyone to give a hint what’s going on here? Or a hint of where I should continue my search?