Why I lost the connect when 1 of 2 Internal Gateway not work

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I have installed on my DataCentre an Asterisk and this work fine to make and receive call, and at the same time we have installed a OSPF rounting for our user.- We have 600 user that they come from the nework across two internal gateway to the Asterisk over the internal router we setup a OSPF routing and when some one of the gateway going down the other gateway work ok and the TCP/UDP data not lost in teory, BUT when we have this problem the user not have a tone, BUT when I check the Linksys PAP status I can see that the PAP is connect with the Asterisk server.

I sniffer the network and I see that the PAP receive data but not send back nothing.- After when I repair my second internal gateway all user have they telephone OK.



                      INTERNAL ROUTE ----- OSPF ENABLE ------> MASTER SWITCH-----TWO ROUTES  ----- USERS

When one of the both gateway route, that is back to master switch is bad the user computer have internet and the PAP
have tcp connection with our asterisk the problem is tha they no have Tone.

Can you tell me WHY happend this situation, please? and tell me how I can fix it…

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