Why do I get a low-volume ring then high-volume ring?

I’m using TrixBox v1.1 (pre-installed Asterisk) and everything was working fine but all-of-a-sudden the ringing seems to be goofed up.

What happens when I call out is I get a low-volume ring and then (immediately), a higher-volume ring. It’s very strange.

I’m using a Sipura 3000 with an analog phone connected to the FXS port and a PSTN line connected to the FXO port. I’m not using an VOIP/SIP providers.

i think the low volume ring is being generated by the ATA or * while it dials the fxo line, the real ring is from the telco coming in over the POTS line.

don’t use ,r in your dial statement (dial(destination,ringtime,r)) and that may help.