Why do calls show "unmonitored" in 'meetme list'?

I’m running a basic phone conferencing system through Asterisk. People dial in to server A and join a meetme conference. But the load was growing and becoming a problem, so we added a second Asterisk box and transfer the people for some conferences over there.

We provide our users a way to see who’s on the call, which is basically just showing them the results of doing “meetme list xxxx” where xxxx is their conference number. This lets them see who is on, but also who is currently talking. But we’ve found that the calls we transfer over to server B never show “talking” or “not talking”, they always just show “unmonitored”.

What does “unmonitored” mean and does anybody know how to fix that?

It’s not broken, so doesn’t need fixing.

To get valid in use information you need to enable call limits.