Why callerid from console.conf became anonymous?

I set callerid in console.conf

callerid = MyName Here <(256) 428-6000>

but instead of “My name” appear this

when I call from console to one phone, I have restarted Asterisk and set core set debug -1 but I cannot see any error message

I tried also

callerid = "MyName Here" <(256) 428-6000>

But same results

Try using it in pjsip.conf under your outbound endpoint:

callerid=pnirru<(256) 428-6000>

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Caller ID is the caller ID for the source. Setting it on the outgoing endpoint will have no effect.

I see console more as a proof of concept driver than a production one and I don’t think it gets any real maintenance.

Is it possible that you have set some caller ID presentation restrictions?

Space is s difficult character in caller ID, as it has to be escaped when being sent over SIP.

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Is not the callerid of and endpoint or sip phone, is callerid of console(console.conf)

The callerid with spaces in sip.conf works fine, only the callerid of console.conf became anonymous

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