Who's the spy

Is there a way to identify who is spying? I believe someone is listening in on extensions without authorization.

Thank you.


Firstly why have you a dialplan that lets anyone spy, it should be so defined that only users allowed to spy are in a context that allows them to spy all others should not be able to .

as to seeing who is spying.

cypbx*CLI> show channels verbose Channel Context Extension Prio State Application Data CallerID Duration Accountcode BridgedTo SIP/2206-08f3a038 international *292225 4 Up ChanSpy SIP/2225|q 2206 00:00:04 (None) SIP/2225-08ea1728 international 123 3 Up VoiceMailMai 2225|s 2225 00:00:22 (None)


Thank you

On your response, “show channels verbose” does it show that there are 4 extensions setup with ChanSpy?


No there is one phone 2225 listening to voicemail. and 2206 is spying on it.

of you cut the code and pase it in a text editor it will remove the line breaks


So next time I suspect someone is spying, I can tell with this command. Very nice!

Thank you very much.