White noise and system hangup happen frequently

So here are today’s challenges:

these are the problems im facing right after instalation…
i’ve looked everywhere for solutions with no luck…

1- White noise problem occurring frequently. I managed to find a way to duplicate. and bang… white noise. Fixing was done after unloading the modules with genzapconf –u, then after detecting/starting with -sd

2- The 2nd prob related to first is that the fact that it doesn’t read digits sent from analog extension to land line, while it works for VOIP lines

3- The 3rd problem is system hangup.

4- The 4th issue is our troubleshooting potential. We have to determine one more time all the test cases.

I tried one * distribution and it was giving me all sort of little problems, just like your situation.

After solving one issue we were faced with another one. They were all small and somewhat easy to fix, but they were numerous and it was taking a huge amount of time to figure out and fix.

So we decided it was worth trying other distributions as there’s quite a few * distros nowadays…

I wish I had done this before! Simply solved 99% of our problems and saved us lots of time and headaches.

A few examples of the problems we were facing:

  • moh woudn’t play
  • considerable white noise on every analog line / fxs extension
  • there was no easy way to send faxes, only receiving was possible
  • system would stop working, stop accepting calls a few minutes after boot
  • after call pickup pbx would not hang up
  • system would not shutdown upon request by gui

And the list goes on and on.

It maybe the case you’re building your own * pbx, in which case this advice has little value.

But if you’re like me and are trying to find the perfect distribution, give it a try to the alternatives and you could find a much better match to your system specifics.