While running AGI / python file , how can see python log in CLI?

Hello everyone
I gonna make simple python file myself for dtmf response.
current I added python print in the code and tested.
but I can not see the print log in CLI.
in CLI, I can not see python print log?
otherwise if I can see that, how can see the log in CLI?
please help me

If you read* about AGI development, you will discover 3 things:

  1. ‘agi set debug on’ is your friend.
  2. Use an established library for the language of your choice. Nobody gets it right the first time.
  3. AGI is a request/response protocol that uses stdout/stdin. Anything you do on stdout/stdin will probably break the protocol in some weird way that may appear to work or fail in difficult to debug ways.

*) Please do this.

thanks. will try

File “./dtmf.py”, line 8, in
from asterisk.agi import *
ImportError: No module named asterisk.agi

while run dtmf.py, I can see this error.
what is problem?
how can i solve this?

It means what it says. Your script cannot import the module.

I don’t use Python to write AGIs, so I can’t suggests a solution other than to google for a Python AGI example and follow it.

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