Which version / base distro?

Hi all,

I’m reasonably new to Asterisk. I have had a little play with 1.2 running on a proprietary system.

I’m interested in learning and I’m now wondering which base operating system is best, and which version of asterisk is the best to learn. I guess this partly comes down to is v10 too new and therefore not much documentation around ?



Asterisk 1.2 is deprecated, try with asterisk 1.8. The best OS is the OS with you are familiar, but many tutorials and guides are writte to use CENTOS.

For documentation use wiki.asterisk.org or voip-info.org

1.8’s the current Long Term Support release, so it’s going to be around for a while. The documentation section on the Wiki (wiki.asterisk.org) is well laid-out. 10 is in beta, scheduled for release this fall; it’s a standard release, so it’ll only be around for a year. Its documentation isn’t as complete as the 1.8 documentation, but it will be before it finishes beta. 10 includes some features that 1.8 doesn’t, but 1.8’s had far more production use than 10.