Which A@H should I use

I noticed that there is A@H 1.5 version and there is also a 2.0 Beta 1. Which one should I use in my home server?

Am I in the right forum? :confused:

That’s impossible to say, really! Which forum do you want to be in? If you think 11 hours and 59 minutes is too long to be waiting for an answer to your question, then you’re probably in the wrong forum! Some people don’t manage to get an answer at all - either because nobody who’s reading it knows the answer or because nobody who knows the answer has got time to reply. Admittedly, the service around here isn’t great, but then you get what you pay for, don’t you?

The answer to your question is that if you want to use a beta version - i.e., possibly unstable and maybe not functioning quite perfectly - then use the beta version. Or, if you need some features that are in the beta version that aren’t in the stable version, then use the beta version. Or, if you just like to be on the bleeding edge, then use the beta version. Otherwise, use the stable version. You’re the only one who can answer your question, really.

You can use A@H 1.5 and make the upgrade for the AMP web GUI.
The beta version of A@H is using AMP.09 while A@H1.5 is still using AMP.08.
Then, when a stable version of * will be relesed you can upgrade it.
But as willkemp says, only you know what to do.
Or if you think this is not the right forum, try this:


Guys don’t misunderstand what I said. What I meant was if I posted in the rigth place or if there is someplace else in this site that I need it to post this question. I’m very appreciative of all of the info and help that I get here and of course the words of encouregment that i have received specially from you WillKemp.