Where to start?

I’m the sys admin at a small law firm and my boss would like the ability to archive their voicemail, or rather save voicemail messages into the appropriate client folder. I believe this could be accomplished with Asterisk. Other services like GotVoice aren’t available in our area, so I have to develop the solution or it’s not going to happen.

They currently have an Electra Elite 48 system supporting 6 or 7 handsets and distinct numbers, though calls can be transfered from any number to any handset.

Where should I start? I’m new to asterisk though I’ve worked with VOIP and am a sys admin.

Thanks for the help.

Even though I’d encourage anyone to start experimenting with Asterisk, several things to consider before you decide to actually use it. I have no knowledge of the PBX you currently use, so some of the following may be obvious. Two things to consider:

  1. How to interface the two? If Electra Elite 48 supports SIP or IAX (unlikely), it’ll be easy. If not, how many free ports you still have? What kind of free ports? If you only have one free analogue port, expect more difficulties.

  2. Can Electra Elite 48 send voice mail request to an external system? How does it do it? What kind of signaling does it use? What should Asterisk expect when it receives a voice mail request? (e.g., how would Asterisk know which user the voice mail belong to?)

In my imagination, transfering voice mail handling to Asterisk would be the only option in this application. But you and other people may have better ideas.