Where to get pjproject

I recently did a fresh install of 16.1 and when it downloaded the bundled pjproject it got pjproject 2.8. When I installed 16.5 recently it downloaded pjproject 2.9. The docs say you can keep a copy of pjproject on your computer so you don’t have to download it each time. I would like to get 2.8 and save it on my machine for reuse. Is there somewhere I can get the “official” Asterisk/Sangoma 2.8 file? I had to revert from 16.5 because it kept dropping calls. I don’t know for sure yet but I previously used 16.1 for a long time [I think it had pjproject 2.5] without any problem at all.
edited Never mind. I checked the wiki and saw where it was already installed on my machine.

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