Where is "sip authentication" discussed?

I don’t see it in TFOT…

I’m trying to implement internal fxo/fxs using TDM400 cards, with Asterisk 1.4.16. I had previously used Asterisk with external FXO/FXS, and I addressed the sip authentication issue by defining username/passwords in the external boxes. I don’t know how to do this now… could someone point me to appropriate documentation?? I’m assuming it exists, this must be a very common question… Thanks!!

All of the SIP settings are discussed in the parts of the book that detail the sip.conf file.

The actual authentication process is best learned through the SIP standards adopted from RFC 2617 and RFC 3310, and from the SIP standard RFC 3261.

Click here for details on RFC 2610: rfc-ref.org/RFC-TEXTS/2617/
and here for RFC 3310: rfc-ref.org/RFC-TEXTS/3310/
and finally, here for RFC 3261: rfc-ref.org/RFC-TEXTS/3261/