Where is javascript lint from video?

Shaun Ruffell uploaded a video to YouTube (youtube.com/watch?v=41OCM3zwoiM), of length 36:28, which provided an overview of creating apps for the Digium phones. Excellent video. I’ve watched it a number of times and I have learned a lot from it.

In it, he uses a javascript lint program, from some web site from Dave something-or-other. Unfortunately, the reference went by rather quickly, I was not able to pick out the actual web site.

I found a javascript lint program at javascript.com, but it does not execute exactly as the one that was used in the video.

My questions are:

What or where was that reference to the javascript lint program used in the video?

What would be the advantage or disavantage of using that javascript lint, over the one I found?

— Charley


It’s from Github: