Where do routes get stored?

After a SIP device such as an IP phone gets registered correctly with an Asterisk Server, where is the routing information kept? And can it be modified by hand?

The dialplan is stored in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf, and yes it can be modified by hand.

voip-info.org/tiki-index.php … sions.conf is a great resource for manual editing of the dialplan.

After editing, you’ll need to type either reload at the Asterisk CLI or run the linux command /sbin/service asterisk reload in order to activate the changes.

I have edited the extensions.conf file before but I’m not sure it is what I need. The reason I want to manually edit where routes are stored is because I am having trouble registering a device with the asterisk server… so I wanted to input routes to the device by hand so the server would know how to relay call packets to it.

You have to check sip.conf, where every sip device that has to work with * should be defined, so look for the parameter host, in the section where you have defined your phone, if there the keyword “dynamic” the phone needs to register with *, if there is an ip address the phone doesn’t need to register and * will use this ip address to contact the phone.


Thank you that is exactly what I needed :smiley: