When wifi restarts, Zoiper Pro cannot call out

I am a newcomer to Asterisk and have recently encountered an operational problem.

  Mobile:Samsung J4 plus * 2 (Extension:5614 & 5617)
        OS:Android 8.1.0
      APP:Zoiper Pro 2.8.15

SIP Server:Asterisk 16.2.1 / PJSIP RealTime

Description:When wifi restarts (5614), Zoiper Pro can’t call out, but incoming call can answer normally.
After the phone restarts, the zoiper pro can be called out normally.

Question:Why does Zoiper Pro register after wifi restart (5614), but can’t call another Android phone (5617)?
Does Asterisk have a place to change settings?

Operating Video:https://youtu.be/WVIR9ZOqG0c

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