When editing pjsip.conf, where should I enter this information?

I have set-up an Asterisk 18 server in Ubuntu 20.04 and I want to configure Gotrunk with Asterisk. At the moment I am using this link, to set it up. Though, it says I need to add the lines provided. In the pjsip.conf file, there are examples of this text. Am I supposed to edit these examples, or add the lines to other parts of the document, and if so, where?

I appreciate any help!

The examples are all commented out so have no effect on the meaning of the file.

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Thank you for your reply. So, should I add the text to the bottom of the text file then?

Anywhere in the file. Typically, you would put the various parts in the appropriate parts of the file, so they are close to the corresponding documentation. Ideally you would construct the file from first principles, in which case this would come naturally.

You might want to note that what they have given you is overspecified. The configuration of your own phones isn’t really relevant to them, and even with regard to the caller IDs, you might prefer to make the default be the local extension number, and set any public caller ID in the dialplan.

You could simply replace all the existing contents, but that would leave your successors without an important source of documentation.

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