Whats this?

Hi all,

What does the following mean?

[Apr 27 16:43:01] NOTICE[1946]: chan_sip.c:14457 handle_request_subscribe: Got SUBSCRIBE for extension 07756087851@from-internal from, but there is no hint for that extension.



The message appears quite clear in its meaning. But you have to post your configs and let others know the situation in which such message appears in order for others to interpret in your context. Do you recognize the extension? Do you recognize the IP address mentioned?

I think some phones by default try to subscribe to any number dialed.

Thanks guys and sorry for being vague.

The IP is one of the PAP2T’s and I can only assume the telephone number is one that someone has dialled.

I just haven’t seen anything like that before. It is popping up even when there is no one in the office!

I get the same with X-lite softphone … apparently a bug ?
Try closing the X-lite softphone and these msgs will dieapear …



I am not running xlite, only pap2t’s.


Maybe you can start by identifying Asterisk version, relevant config, etc.