What's the best Soft Phone and IP Phone


i want to install a ip phone and 1 soft phone
what is the best choice?

  1. Thanks

I like the Zoiper softphone. It does both SIP and IAX. There’s a free one and a paid business edition with the option of G729. Take a look at www.zoiper.com

BTW I’m not associated with Zoiper in any way, just a satisfied user.

It depends the utilization you want to do with it …

For office, IP Phone is always better, for travelling it’s sure that Softphone should be prefered.

I also use Zoiper on my laptop, and I use a Polycom IP Soundpoint 601 at the office (we also use 500 & 501).

I have purchased and tested many!

We use Zoiper for the soft phone and Cisco 7940/60 for the hardphone but I realy like the Polycom’s

I use Snom phones and I’m happy with them.


Marco Bruni