Whats my SIP number?


Running AAH 2.7

I have amend the context [from-sip-external] so instead of playing a busy tone it does a GOTO from-pstn.

So an external sip call rings all my extensions.

My host name is sip.cardiffitsupport.com

Question is - What is my SIP telephone ‘number’ ?


sea bro


and there’s me thinking you would answer if i called !! i dialled 100@sip.cardiffitspport.com, but it rang out (set Dial for 30 seconds)

hi Bacon,

Hope your well and thanks for your reply, I dont know where this forum would be without you! (And a few others).

I can’t imagine how you know the phone on my desk is extension 100, but I am worrying anyway!

Sorry I never answered the phone to you, I left the office at 07.45 tonight - well, it is Friday after all…


i had no idea what your extension was, i just guessed you’d have something like [from-sip-external] exten => _X.,1,Goto(from-pstn,s,1)