What type of channel is a custom extension considered?

I am working on an application that needs have the channel (extension) specified (ex. SIP/500, AIX2/500, etc…) What I have configured is a custom extension and then a follow me for the extension that plays a recording. What would a custom extension be considered that I can specify in this application? Thanks.


Im guessing here as you havent posted any example but here goes.

I think what mean is a Local/123@foo type extension.

so fo example

exten => 123,1,Dial(Local/234@foo)

exten => 234,1,Playback(message)
exten => 234,n,Noop(etc)

Is that what you are after ?

Sorry, I should have posted more info. What I am trying to do is I have a webpage that will allow a click to call. You type in the phone number and the phone system calls the number back and connects to the custom extension. The follow me then has it play a recording. The part that I am having problems with is specifying the extension. If I use a SIP channel going to an IP phone and specify that, it works fine. If I use the custom extension, it doesn’t. The problem is I don’t exactly know how to specify the custom extension. Here is the section of the webpage code where you have to state the extension.

#specify the channel (extension) you want to receive the call requests with
$strChannel = “SIP/501”;

what like

cyber-cottage.co.uk/site/index.p … &Itemid=42


Yes, exactly like that. But instead of going to a live person it was play a recorded message.

Using ianplain’s example above, change

$strChannel = "SIP/501";

$strChannel = 'Local/234@foo';