What to 'do' next in asterisk?

ive figured out:
phrase recording system
voicemail macro (busy/cong/chanunvail/noanswer)
music on hold
call parking
call transfering
conference calling
call queues

is thier any other basic things that you can think of that I can add? seems like all that is left is this stuff just more advanced with scripts and stuff…i love learning about asterisk just wanting to go farther with this…


Why not try and connect two systems over the net using break outs? Just a thought…

Glad you getting it down though…I’m still struggling with the basics. Voicemails won’t play back, I get an error about opening the file and the format is incorrect. Can’t get transfers working either…I’ve enabled the #1 etc in features.conf but when I press it during a call nothing happens. I’ll get there eventually though…

If you can work with the features in the list google on the following:

  • asterisk voicemenu
  • callfile asterisk => generating calls with copying callfiles into /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing
  • local channel => enables you to do some real Asterisk magic like forking calls
  • gotoif/gotoiftime
  • study the Dial cmd . There are lots of interesting parameters.

A good way to explore the endless options of Asterisk is to just imagine a problem that you want to solve and just start solving the problem.

Heres one to keep you occupied.

Call forwarding, But making sure it works correctly.


A calls B FDWs to C FWDs to VM (Must end up in Bs mailBox)
and then
A calls B FDWs to C FWDs to D FWds to VM (Must end up in Bs mailBox)

Have fun…