What size computer for this scenario?


We have a Mitel MX200 and ICP Controller that connects to it. These are located in the USA.

We are building an Asterisk in Panama for thier phone system.

We want to be be able to call thru their asterisk (cheap calls to panama), so we are putting a Asterisk here in the USA, connected to our Mitel ICP via PRI card in the Asterisk. The Asterisk in the USA and the one in Panama will talk to each other.

Thier will maybe be 4 calls going from the USA to PANAMA asterisk at a time, and maybe 4 calls coming back to the USA from PANAMA at a time.
So 8 calls at the same time is the most extreme case.

How big of computer do we need for the USA to run the asterisk? Maybe just a personal desktop, not a fance server or something.
The Asterisk in Panama we have covered.


big of a computer? well 8 channels MAX … I would say any computer that is new will do. More important is make sure latency is CONSISTENT and <300ms (the lower the better) but if its consistent you wont have trouble. warbling latency is bad though

its around 118ms decently consistent

why dont u use voip instead? and have it peering each other??

Are you simply gonna use the 2 asterisk boxes as sofswitches?

if you are not gooing to implement any pbx type features, and you simply are going to use it for routing, with a8 channels, you could get away with a p3 512MB RAM… However I really dont reccomend that you use a cheap piece of crap. aside from speed… you want the servers to stay alive… and using an old desktop is a sure way to end up with a crash… power suplpy failure, hdd failure etc etc

its around 118ms decently consistent[/quote]

the one in panama is going to be a full pbx

the one here in usa will just be the communicated for it and our old mitel pbx. We will run sip a couple sip phones off of it.

Op3r Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2006 9:49 am Post subject:

why dont u use voip instead? and have it peering each other??

Not sure what u mean?

Just built some boxes up using the Dell 860 , Seems neat cheap and the 2.8G dual core seems to be meaty enough.