What Maximum Number of Phones can Asterisk Support?

I have been involved in VoIP for 12 yrs, but new to Asterisk. I am very interested in evaluating it as a replacement for my current system, but I have a few questions, and I haven’t found the answers in the FAQ.

  1. How many phones can Asterisk dependably support?
  2. Can Asterisk be configured for Redundant Systems? (ie - If contact is lost to a primary system, can you automatically route to a secondary system?)
  3. How many minutes or hours of voicemail can Asterisk dependably manage?
    Thanks in advance,
    Dan H.

It depends on your hardware specs.

Yes, you can make a High Availability system, with some extra hardware and configurations,

Depends on your Hard Drive, think about 1min. for 1MB on wav file.

You can use google to search deeper at now i dont have the links for you.

for number two, see the demonstration towards the end of this astericon 2010

The demo is very cool and the convention should explain how dedicated asterisk people are.

G’Day Dan…

We deployed an asterisk implementation here in AU which may give you a guide to what is possible:

Currently we have just over 64,000 (Now close to 200,000) registered endpoints on the system. Peak call loads at 20:00 each day of around 700 (N0w between 1,900 and 2,000) oncurrent calls.

Yes, there are a few tricks to making this happen across multiple hosts but it is doable.

I am interested in the reply from vk2us. What sort of hardware did you need to support 700 concurrent calls? I want to deploy a smaller system (50 concurrent voice calls) and would like some kind of guidance on what hardware I should use. Is this within the range of a standard x86 server or will I need a rack full of gear?

I think navaismo is absolutely right.

Try http://www.xorcom.com/ …It can meet all the requirements u asked…And also You can build ur own systems with ur own requirments…

Number of extensions, Concurrent calls ,Redundancy…everything…I have been using Xorcom for past 1-2 years and its a gr8 server…even the size too is small,rack mountable…