What makes the .conf files to register into Asterisk?

Hi all… This is my first message on this forum… Hopefully will glad to make your acquaintances…

I’ m trying to create a full-fledged Asterisk PBX on an Ubuntu 10.10 server…

Yesterday, I decided to explore the SIP Encryption and found out LibSRTP needed for it to work. After installing LibSRTP and reinstalling the Asterisk, modules.conf, extensions.conf, sip.conf,… basically none of the .conf files would register in Asterisk although it was successfully finding, parsing them. I restarted the server just in case but nothing changed.

I re-installed Asterisk from scratch, gave the necessary file/folder permissions and so on, but it still didn’t budge. After another restart nothing changed this time either…

But today when i booted up the server there were no problems about any config files’ registration into Asterisk.

What changed?..

Thanks in advance


From your post it’s not clear what changed and why it didn’t load the configs, as well as why later it did. Any answer would be a shot in the dark. To answer your question - it’s the modules that loads the .conf files, each module loads its own config. In addition to this the core itself also loads some configs, like asterisk.conf and modules.conf for example.

I would suggest you checking your logs for any reason not to load the modules or to stop asterisk, start it with something like asterisk -vvvvvvc and look what’s going on.