What language to write AGI scripts for ucLinux appliance?


I just bought an Atcom IP01 appliance which runs the ucLinux kernel.

Since it only has 128M RAM + 256MB NAND RAM for storage, there’s no room to install PHP or Python to write AGI scripts.

What languages could I use to write AGI scripts? Ideally, I’d like something more developper-friendly because my C/C++ skills probably aren’t up to the task. FWIW, I need to perform things like broadcasting UDP messages, sending e-mail notifications through my ISP, adding data to a SQLite database, etc.

Thank you.

I would use sh/bash for agi.
You need to program a small ‘udpnotify’ program in C/C++ to send UDP your messages…
Emails are just “cat ./youfile | sendmail”


Thanks for the tip. I’ll see if I can’t find a higher-level solution than C/C++ or shell scripts.