What is this? Meucci Solutions? What?

I have received a few calls from (Meucci Solutions). I have a private PBX which has a public IP address for remote extensions.

So, if my PBX is for office users only and nothing more, how can be that this people send me calls!!??

Take a look to this capture:

Any idea? thanks!


Google about you will find loads of complaints, They seem to be moving their IP about.

Their modus operandi is to scan a range of numbers from a supplier.

for example say you have a trunk from supplier xyz.com and a number from them 0123456 this lot seem to sending a sip call to your supplier of 0123456@xyz.com

On occasions they have targeted IPs direct but not often.

Add the IP address to your firewall


[quote=“ianplain”]Add the IP address to your firewall
Yes, that is what I did.

Thanks Ian.