What is this error mean Registration attempt from endpoint '1104' to AOR '1104' will exceed max contacts of 1

I just restart my system whole OS, and start my working but when I just open My softphone in my android device its showing warning like this but where there are 4 extensions which are correctly login which are in my pc. This thing happening after every reboot.

Something weird also,

I can clearly see ‘connection failed’ status in my android device but I can make call from that(Android phone or 1104) but can’t from any other to 1104(Android phone).

It means that more than one device (these are not extensions in Asterisk terminology) tried to register to the same end point.

You don’t need to be registered to make a call. The purpose of registration is inform the central system of the IP address, etc. of a device implementing a particular end point (address of record in SIP terms but chan_pjsip, seems to use AOR to refer to the contact addresses, not the addresses of record).

but sir I didn’t register its on my local machine and I have 2 device and Its happening after every reboot

It would be unusual to have a system where local softphones don’t register with Asterisk, and you wouldn’t normally have type=aor sections unless they did. However, if you really use static addresses for everything local, you will need to obtain the pjsip protocol traces to see where the registers are coming from.

Is the system open to the internet?

yes and I also have static local ip

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