What is the Cheapest VoIP provider

I am looking to start a VoIP serice and i already have my asterisk service up and running quite nicely with a few users, but i would like to get about two unlimited calling packages to the USA&Canada preferably?

Can anybody tell me which provider/company does this?

Basically, i just want my Voip calls terminated…

There is no voip provider that will give you unlimited lines that you can resell on asterisk. At the end of the day there is ALWAYS a cap on minutes. Most people don’t know this but carriers pay per minute that you are on the phone. They work with averages and most clients don’t go over 1,000 to 1,200 minutes. If a company see’s you using lots of minutes they will likely can you. If you are willing to pay per minute have a look at:


Thank for the info. I never knew all that.

Like all of us you live and learn. We were not born knowing all this :wink:

Is voipbuster or lowratevoip enough for you ?

For calls in the USA and/or Europe I use vyke.com.
Here you only pay a call setup fee and get unlimited call time.