What is it?

i don´t konw what does “SIP/172-082c5a80” mean?
how i can set this parameter:

i´m in Executing BackGround(“Zap/2-1”, “to-log-in-to-voice-mail”)
and i want Executing BackGround(“SIP/172-082c5a80”, “to-log-in-to-voice-mail”)
what is the command or the way to change “Zap/2-1” to “SIP/172-082c5a80”

Anyone knows please help me.

[quote=“carlosmg”]i don´t konw what does “SIP/172-082c5a80” mean?

This is a call ID, associated with channel SIP/172. 082c5a80 is a number assigned by Asterisk when a call is established.

None. Call ID’s are assigned by Asterisk and you cannot change them. Maybe you want to have a SIP channel to perform functions similar to a Zap channel? Need to clarify what the problem is. Read the sticky about what information are necessary for others to help.