What is it with zonedata.c and Caller ID?

OK, well I recently built myself a CentOS 4.4 box complete with my TDM400 which has 1 “green” module in it (to connect to a phone, NOT the line)

I have 2 IAX forwarders from Gradwell, 1 IAX Outbound from voipinfo, and a SIP Outbound from SIPGate.

Now, I had this same problem back when I was running the FreeBSD stuff, but I decided to migrate to CentOS so that I could run the latest supported zaptel drivers and Asterisk from yourselves, but I still have this REALLY annoying problem that I just can’t solve.

I use zone UK… ie my zaptel.conf reads:


When I have a call come in from my IAX forwarder, I get no caller ID information and Asterisk says:

[Feb 8 19:50:37] WARNING[5145]: chan_zap.c:4083 zt_handle_event: Didn’t finish Caller-ID spill. Cancelling.

however, if I modify zonedata.c from
{ 4, “uk”, “United Kingdom”, { 400, 200, 400, 2000 },
to just 2 digits ie:
{ 4, “uk”, “United Kingdom”, { 2000, 4000 },

I don’t get the error message and my Caller ID works fine…

Is there any way I can have my Caller ID working and keep my standard UK ringing tone?