What is best way to send data remote service/host in Asterisk

I want to send small variable/data to another remote service/host in Dialplan. I used to AGI to insert to remote database server but it consume so much resource.

my goal: get the number who caller pressed button that it can get with READ() function and then send another remote host with low resource.

I can use;
or is there a another way ?


I’d use ODBC for this. It’s built in.

thanks for reply. on high volume request, odbc cause restart to astersik. I dont like to use it much.

I wonder that can cdr_radius be useful for this. it is UDP and lightweight but main problem, can i invoke CDR in dialplan anywhere,anytime. Diggin this situation.

pbx_lua looks awesome. we can add own lua code and run it like AGI. I dont know performance but it is nice to try it.

I have not measure the resources usage, but if is sending Asterisk data to a remote server curl it is good deal, because you can pass the data as post back (POST or GET ) Method and then catch the information on the remote server side using the programming language of your preference