What is Asterisk-NetSec.?

Can somebody tell me what is this Asterisk-NetSec.??? Thanks…

Think of it as a way to encrypt your VOIP traffic. It adds another feature which is dynamic firewall control, so a call can be authenticated by your Asterisk PBX before it is allowed through the firewall.

Find out more at Ranch Networks: http://www.ranchnetworks.com/asterisk/learn_midcom.htm

hi! i would also like to add a question about net-sec. do i still have to install asterisk-1.2.2 together with net-sec or just net-sec alone? i mean is net-sec an additional to asterisk when installing or a replacement for asterisk as asterisk net-sec…? i’m confused…

how does ranch networks ENCRYPT my voip call? dont find any info on that on their site?

I believe what is being said is that the Asterisk Net-Sec support is embedding the Midcom IETF standard here:


May someone confirm?

so no real encryption here.

as to dynamic per-call firewall behaviour, would that really be a plus for IAX2 traffic? I mean it only needs ONE open udp port…