What is a good PTSN provider?

I’ve look all over and I can’t find anything better but many of the sites voip claims they offer a service but when you go to their website they don’t talk about it, so I would have to email each one to get the information I need.

These are the things I need:

  1. Toll Free Number (Inbound)
  2. Outbound US (if Canada is included then cool)
  3. As many calls simutaneously as my bandwidth can handle, incoming and outgoing
  4. Good Codecs

So far I have: exgn.net/
Which offers, 1.39 cents outgoing, and 1.9 cent incoming through Toll-free calls, and I can have as many calls as I want. GSM, G.711, ADPCM, ILBC, SPEEX

So does anyone know of any company that offers better rates? It could be 2 companies I can use one for inbound and one for outbound. Please help!


tried VoipJet and SIPDiscount already?


voipjet is outbound only.